Oil Soluble Diamond Paste

Oil Soluble Diamond Paste


  • Strong grinding force
  • High quality diamond powder
  • Fine finishing on the surface of mechnical tools

Good wettability strong grinding force;

High quality diamond powder;

Fine finishing on the surface of mechnical tools

Recommended Applications:

This paste is suitable for processing of equipment, measuring devices, knives, grinding tools and seals

that are made from superhard materials like hard alloy, alloy steel and carbon steel with good wettability

and strong grinding force.


1.Grinding paste with top-quality micro-powder as raw material can also be customized.

2. Water soluble and oil soluble grinding paste are available.

3. The contents of micro-powder are divided into regular grade and strengthened grade. Customized

products are available. The default content is of regular grade.

4. The default packs are 5g or 10g in needle tubes. The packs can also be in forms of bag, bottle and

barrel based on demands of customers.

5. The color of grinding paste can also be customized.

PS: The color of oil based diamond compound is grey white.