Ni-coated Diamond Powder

Ni-coated Diamond Powder


  • Ni-coated diamond powder
  • holding performance
  • feature good heat radiation

1,Nickel-plated Diamond Grinding Grits

The products are mainly used in resin bonded and vitrified bonded products to improve holding performance.

The products feature good heat radiation to prevent carbonization in high-speed cutting.

2,Chemical Nickel-plated Synthetic Diamond Micro-powder/Grinding Grits

The products are mainly used in resin-bonded wet-process grinding products. The redox reaction in auto-

catalysis deposits metals on diamond surface without external current, thus generating a nickel-coating surface

that is compact and even in thickness. Chemical nickel-plated products have a wider granularity range than that

of electro nickel-plated products.

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