PDM-Premium Grade Diamond Powder

PDM-Premium Grade Diamond Powder


  • Crystal with sharp edges
  • hard and crisp texture
  • Even granularity distribution

Product Characteristics:

Domestic top-quality single-crystal diamond materials are used as raw materials;

technical data such as static pressure strength, abrasive performance and thermal stability are higher

than standards of the industry;

Round and smooth crystal; fewer absorbed particles on powder surface; no bar- or plate-shaped particle;

Extremely narrow range of granularity distribution and excellent granularity control;

Special processing techniques enable the content of impurities to be about 1/100,000.

Recommended Applications:

The products are suitable for applications in industries that have high demands on grinding and polishing

such as the precision equipment industry, as well as in sectors that are strict with impurity content, like

electroplating and production of polycrystalline diamond compacts

Customized Service:

Customized service is available for customers.